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Huck® U-Spin (Huck® Bolt)

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General Information for the Alcoa® Huck® U-Spin (Huck® Bolt)

U-Spin (Huck® Bolt) U-Spin lockbolts extend the proven benefits of the Huck-Spin design to U-bolt applications. Comprised of a patented high fatigue, low swage U-Spin bolt coupled with a swage-type collar, the U-Spin provides the same ease of installation, vibration-proof clamp, and maintenence-free performance made famous by the proven Huck-Spin. U-Spin assemblies are installed in pairs in just 10-15 seconds, using the classic Huck® "spin on, swage, spin off" installation process. Equalized clamp force is exerted on each leg during installation, resulting in a level-loaded joint. Because their installation results in permanent clamp, U-Spin U-Bolts eliminate the need for re-torquing.

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