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Our Huck bolts by Huck® include: BobTail®, C50L®, C6L® / C120L®, HP8, Huck-Fit, Huck-Spin (Small diameter), Hucktainer®, Magna-Grip®, Metric Huck-Fit, Metric Huck-Spin, RamBolt and U-Spin Huck® bolts. Contact us online or call (866)748-3876 for ordering and shipping information on Huck Bolts.

New Cordless Rivet Guns

Check out the Huck Range Force™ line of cordless rivet guns - Huck joined with Makita to produce the "Huck Makita rivet guns" which are basically a cordless version of the Huck 2025 rivet gun available in 0-2,200 lbf and 0-4,500lbf pull force versions:
Huck BV2200-118 Cordless Rivet Gun (0-2,200 lbf Pull Force)
Huck BV4500-118 Cordless Rivet Gun (0-4,500 lbf Pull Force)

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