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Huck® BobTail® Fastener / Rivet System (Huck® Bolt)

Product details for BobTail® Huck bolts by Huck® (Huck® Bolt)

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General Information for the Alcoa® Huck® BobTail® (Huck® Bolt)

BobTail® (Huck® Bolt) Record installation times. Lightweight tooling. No torque required. The BOBTAIL system includes lockbolts and installation tools that deliver performance beyond anything Alcoa® Fastening Systems has ever produced for the fastener market.

  • The BOBTAIL® Fastener:
    • Is vibration resistant
    • Installs in 2 seconds or less using a 5/8" Grade 8 Fastener*
    • Provides proven performance with high and consistent clamp load

  • New installation tools:
    • Are lightweight, quiet and easy to handle
    • Have been designed for a smooth shock-free sequence, eliminating jolts to the operators arms and hands
    • Utilize the same equipment for both installation and removal, unlike other fastener systems that require separate tooling

Note: BobTail® is a registered trademark of Alcoa and Alcoa Fastening Systems.

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