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Company Information is a website about Huck® fasteners and rivets (fastening systems) where Byler Rivet Supply showcases Huck's products. Byler Rivet Supply, is an authorized distributor of Huck® fastening products including: blind rivets, Huck® bolts and Huck® fastener and rivet tools. Byler Rivet Supply has over 30 years of experience servicing the fastener industry. We look forward to providing you with all your Huck® requirements. If you have questions about our website please contact us online or call (866)748-3876 to speak with a representative of Byler Rivet Supply.

Registered Trademarks

The following are registered trademarks of Alcoa and Alcoa Fastening Systems:

  • Auto-Bulb™
  • BobTail®
  • BOM®
  • C50L®
  • C6L®/C120L/C150L
  • FloorTight®
  • Huck 360®
  • HuckLok®
  • Hucktainer®
  • Huck®
  • Magna-Bulb®
  • Magna-Grip®
  • Magna-Lok®
  • Magna-Tite®
  • Powerig®

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