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BOM The highest strength, highest precision fastening system you'll find anywhere. The BOM (Blind, Oversize, Mechanically locked) fasteners from Alcoa® Fastening Systems are so strong, one can do the work of up to four ordinary fasteners.

You won't find a more vibration resistant blind bolt, or one that works harder in so many different applications. With its unique push-and-pull installation design, the BOM® fastening system is tough enough for military vehicles and equipment, auto suspensions, amusement park rides, rail car assembly, and automatic storage and retrieval racks. Even the most demanding high-tensile application is no match for the strength of the BOM® fastening system.

Quick and Economical to Install and Inspect

Because installing BOM® fasteners is so easy, a worker can learn the installation procedure in just minutes, eliminating the need to hire certified welders or specially trained employees. And, because they install from just one side, your labor costs are reduced.

Installations are more accurate than other fasteners of the same kind, because the element of human error is not an issue. In other words, correct installation doesn't depend on operator skill or specialized tools. Plus, chances are you can start using BOM® fasteners immediately with your current tools, saving you more money in the long run.

What's more, inspections are quick and easy. Once properly installed, there's no need for torque inspections or x-rays, no matter if the inspection is the next day or 10 years from now. If the pin has installed near flush with the collar, then you know it's right.

Easy on the Ears - and the Environment

Alcoa® Fastening Systems use quiet, non-impact tools for lower noise in the plant. And health risks are reduced because operator muscles and joints are not subjected to the constant impact of power tools.

In addition, BOM® installation eliminates the hot, noxious vapor filled air of the typical welding environment, ensuring you comply with the most current OSHA standards.

Strong Support

Alcoa® Fastening Systems' skilled and knowledgeable technicians - your Huck® System Specialists - are ready and waiting with valuable consultation, evaluation, installation assistance, and in-depth staff training capabilities. No other fastening company can match this level of premium, value-added support.

Note: BOM® is a registered trademark of Alcoa and Alcoa Fastening Systems.

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Huck 2025 rivet gun We recommend the Huck 2025 for setting Huck BOMs.